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About Abbey Road

Ever wonder what happened to those "one hit wonder" groups? They were rolling in dough, invited to celebrity affairs, bought high dollar property, and lived like royalty for a year or so. I often thought of how difficult it would be to have to come down so far from the top. If it was me, I believe I might have purchased a second home in England, near one of my favorite studios.

—Joe Young

Abbey Road

Been walkin' on clouds. Success in a song.
Been crankin' 'em out. So what could go wrong?
Only one more step to take. Gonna buy some real estate.

Abbey Road.
The whole world knows I rock and I roll.
Now I'm gonna buy me home up on Abbey Road.

Been livin' a dream. The spending was free.
Some people have style, but they can't see me.
Seems my accounts have changed. It's time to turn the page.

Abbey Road
The whole world knows I rock and I roll.
I think I'll just sit on my home up on Abbey Road.

Been hiding in clouds. So what's in a song?
I'm down and I'm out. What else can go wrong?.
In a hotel far away, "Can I stay here one more day?"

Abbey Road
The whole world knows I rock and I roll.
I still don't think the property sold up on Abbey Road.

—Joe Young

  1. Abbey Road (Joe Young)
  2. The Garden (Joe Young)
  3. Tongue In Cheek (Jamie Shea)
  4. Starcharter (Chuck Dingée)
  5. Second Family (Joe Young)
  6. Steel Blue Kiss (Joe Young)
  7. Hold Your Hand (Joe Young)
  8. Own Person (Jamie Shea)
  9. Gaia (Chuck Dingée and Steve McGowan)
  10. Precious Stone (Joe Young)
  11. Guy's Song (Joe Young)