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About Gaia

I have always been fascinated with the Gaia Hypothesis, which basically says that the system of life on earth behaves like one big living organism.

What part do humans play? Are we a cancer about to destroy her? Or are we the brain cells, about to discover what her real purpose is?

It sure seemed like good song material, so my friend Steve McGowan helped me write the song while we were on a ferry to Orcas Island.

—Chuck Dingée


She has been our mother since the dawn
She has never left us in the storm or strife
Throughout our life
She's there… Gaia

Through the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
She has always given us all her love
Expecting none
In return… Gaia

We must learn she's not our property
We must learn that if we treat her properly
Then her beauty will shine

So caress her and love her
And bless her and hold her
For she is the Mother of Life
If we give her our best
Then we all will be blessed with her love

She has many colors to be seen
Orange, yellow, violet and green when she's growing
Blue and she's flowing above… Gaia

We'll awake to find that we are one
All of us are children of the Sun and Moon
We're all in tune
We're all… Gaia

—Chuck Dingée & Steve McGowan

  1. Abbey Road (Joe Young)
  2. The Garden (Joe Young)
  3. Tongue In Cheek (Jamie Shea)
  4. Starcharter (Chuck Dingée)
  5. Second Family (Joe Young)
  6. Steel Blue Kiss (Joe Young)
  7. Hold Your Hand (Joe Young)
  8. Own Person (Jamie Shea)
  9. Gaia (Chuck Dingée and Steve McGowan)
  10. Precious Stone (Joe Young)
  11. Guy's Song (Joe Young)