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About Tongue in Cheek

Written as a humorously romantic birthday present, this song is perhaps the raciest on the album. Play it for your sweetheart while admiring their larynx...

—Jamie Shea

Tongue in Cheek

I don't think I'll ever
Get bored with your kissing
Your mouth is ingenious
Your tongue is astute
Your teeth shine so nicely
And not one is missing
Your breath is the steamiest
Your larynx is cute

No, kissing your lips will never be tiresome
Even when wrinkles make finding them tough
Your mouth-to-mouth style holds the key to inspire some
Poetry, baby; at necking you're buff

Tongue in cheek
That's what I seek
Your tongue in my cheek
Each day of the week

I don't think I'll ever (Ever no no)
Dismiss your caresses (Oh no she won't)
Your squeeze warms my insides
Your arms get my vote (With a capital V)
Your hands have the knack
Of soothing my stresses
Your fingers are tour guides
Your touch floats my boat

No, caresses from you will not make me weary
Or bored or uninterested I can assure
Just holding your hand makes life seem more cheery
Your hug's uncontested; your cuddle's the cure

Tongue in cheek
That's what I seek
Your tongue in my cheek
Each day of the week

—Jamie Shea

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