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About Steel Blue Kiss

Relationships between lovers and ex-lovers are often a complex mix of emotions. Knowing what is right is difficult enough, but following through with the changes life brings may seem almost impossible at times. Of course it all appears to be straight forward as long as you are on the outside. This story was inspired by one of the more complex relationships I have known.

—Joe Young

Steel Blue Kiss

Heaven knows I've tried to be strong,
And kept a backdoor style for so long.
Now I'm sure there can't be love like this.
Meeting here, meeting there, empty hands,
Awaiting a steel blue kiss.

There used to be a time before the lies
When fire burned behind her green eyes.
We had plans of such grandeur and bliss.
We don't speak. If by chance we should meet,
She throws me a steel blue kiss.

I've got a wife, she has him,
He looks at me with that grin.
He's a fool, one that bought her that dress,
But she wears it for me, as a sign...
Prepare for a steel blue kiss.

—Joe Young

  1. Abbey Road (Joe Young)
  2. The Garden (Joe Young)
  3. Tongue In Cheek (Jamie Shea)
  4. Starcharter (Chuck Dingée)
  5. Second Family (Joe Young)
  6. Steel Blue Kiss (Joe Young)
  7. Hold Your Hand (Joe Young)
  8. Own Person (Jamie Shea)
  9. Gaia (Chuck Dingée and Steve McGowan)
  10. Precious Stone (Joe Young)
  11. Guy's Song (Joe Young)