The Walrus
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Lee Pence - Lead Guitar, Vocals


Like many of you, Lee is a life-long guitar player still in pursuit of the music. He started playing piano at the age of six and guitar at the age of eight. However, seeing the Beatles splash across the screen in the 60’s was a case turner. Lee developed into a mainstay in the northwest club scene and also followed a path toward jazz performance by attending Cornish College of the Arts. He has backed up artists such as B.J. Thomas and Emmy Lou Harris.

  • Birthday: January 1
  • Favorite Beatle: John - I’ve actually read In His Own Write.
  • Who or what inspired you to get into music? My mother, who convinced me no dream is ever out of reach if you’re willing to pursue it with all of your heart.
  • Who inspires you now? Just go down the Walrus set list and you’ll see the artists who inspire me.
  • Crowning musical moment: Working on a project with a Grammy award winner.
  • Most embarrassing musical moment: Trying to improvise the solo in “Stairway to Heaven” during a live performance and realizing (almost immediately), you can’t improvise that solo.
  • Other thoughts: I saw the Walrus perform a few years ago and thought “hey, these guys are great - I would really like to be in that band.”

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