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Michael O'Neal - Drums, Vocals, Bongos

Michael O'NealMichael received his first drum set for Christmas at the age of three. His early career only lasted a couple of months-until the toy set fell apart from hard use. He started taking drum lessons when he was ten and was in his first rock-n-roll band at the age of thirteen. He's been busy making music ever since.

  • Birthday: March 10
  • Favorite Beatle: Paul
  • Who or what inspired you to get into music?
    "My Mother and Father."
  • Who inspires you now?
    "Chuck Dingée."
  • Crowning musical moment:
    "Playing at the Hollywood Bowl."
  • Most embarrassing musical moment:
    "My drum set fell over during a song. Oops!"
  • Other thoughts:
    "The meaning of life? It comes down to this: It's all boom-boom."

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