The Walrus
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Jamie Shea - Vocals, Keyboard, Percussion

Jamie SheaJamie began her music career at age 13 playing folk songs in a coffee house. She never did get to see the Beatles live, but was such a devoted fan that she wrote a 90 page novel about them in junior high. She has continued to perform rock, pop, soul and jazz throughout the West -- even when her three children would intone, "Mommy - no sing!" (So much for romantic visions of memorable lullabies.) In 1996, she joined forces with Chuck to form The Walrus.

Jamie also plays in Pacific Twang.

  • Birthday: August 29
  • Favorite Beatle: John
  • Who or what inspired you to get into music?
    "My mother, who exposed me to all forms of music from Chopin to Miles Davis to Rosemary Clooney. Inspiration continued with the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Joni Mitchell."
  • Who inspires you now?
    "My fabulous bandmates! Also Jonatha Brooke, Joan Osborne, and Rikki Lee Jones."
  • Crowning musical moment:
    "With The Walrus it's toss-up between playing the Paramount in Seattle, and the first time we played "Bohemian Rhapsody" when the crowd stood up with lighters"
  • Most embarrassing musical moment:
    "Getting booked (with another band) to play a deserted gas station in Sumas Washington and having people drive up and watch us from their cars."
  • Other thoughts:
    It's a privilege to play with great musicians who are also my best friends! They and our wonderful fans keep me sane.

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