The Walrus
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Vic Smith - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Vic SmithIf Vic had not seen the Beatles' performance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 at the tender age of six or seven, he would probably be playing bassoon or euphonium somewhere today. But, like so many legions of guitar pickers, those first three twanging notes of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" gave Vic the guitar bug and there seems to be no cure. Vic has been noodling around on the guitar in one way or another ever since. Vic's musical diet during the seventies consisted of all the heavy, progressive rock bands of that era. One day, however, no doubt under the influence of some... uh...substance, Vic took in a showing of Stanley Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" which launched him on a space odyssey, if you will, exploring the music of cats like Beethoven and Mozart. Well, that wore off after a while and Vic is at last back where he belongs: playing rock and roll with The Walrus!! Yeah!!!

  • Birthday: November 21
  • Favorite Beatle: "Ringo. Just 'cause he's the funkiest Beatle."
  • Who or what inspired you to get into music?
    "My dad had a Hi Fi set and I spent hours as kid listening to his tapes with headphones. "
  • Who inspires you now?
    "All the greats we grew up with whose music is the reason for The Walrus."
  • Crowning musical moment:
    "Hitting my high note on the guitar solo to "Don't Stop Believing" during my debut with the Walrus at The Edison. I was kind of nervous and was afraid I would blow it. Chuck said I hit it. So...yeah, cool."
  • Most embarrassing musical moment:
    "Totally blowing the intro to "Twist and Shout" during my debut with the Walrus at the Edison."
  • Other thoughts:
    "When do we get to start working on "Frankenstein"?"

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