The Walrus
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Dave Lyon - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Dave LyonDave's mom is a church organist and his dad is an experimental flute improvisor. They met at the NSA headquarters in the 60's (where they translated Burmese spy info) and Dave and his weird musical journey were born. Playing trombone from elementary school through college, Dave graduated with a degree in Music Education and began teaching k-12 music in Concrete, WA. Oddly, the trombone did not serve him as an elementary music teacher and he started studying the guitar with tenacity. He began playing and singing in the late 1990's at folk festivals and in 1999 moved to Birch Bay and took a job as Music Director at a New Thought church in Bellingham where they had a guitar player fixture and he began his love of the bass. Fast forward 14 years and Dave is playing bass and singing in 5 working bands in Bellingham and teaches guitar, bass and ukulele as his full time occupation. Dave and his wife Shelly (a tremendous singer) are involved in musical theater and the raising of unruly dogs.

  • Birthday: September 15th
  • Favorite Beatle:
    "Paul — you can tell by the hair..."
  • Who or what inspired you to get into music?
    "My mom is almost solely responsible for everything I am and do. She gave me the love and the respect for music and still comes to almost all of my concerts."
  • Who inspires you now?
    "My wife, Shelly is incredibly strong and I keep trying to be worthy of her in all I do."
  • Crowning musical moment:
    "Conducting Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance 25 piece orchestra and 20 singers."
  • Most embarrassing musical moment:
    "When I first started playing the guitar my musical family thought I should accompany the Christmas family sing along. Chord switching was kind of slow and there were a lot of extra rests in many of the holiday classics. Silent night holy.........................night. Etc."
  • Other thoughts:
    "The hours of detail-oriented rehearsal from my early musical training and the rocking and rolling of my later years meet in the Walrus. Music is the only 'thing' I've ever loved and been good at. 46 years and it finally becomes the work that I do."

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