The Walrus The Walrus
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Photo Galleries

An Evening with The Walrus

June 21, 2003 Bellingham, Wash.

Wild Buffalo House of Music

Photos by Kathy Sheehan

Michael O'Neal

Michael keeps the beat

Jamie Shea

Joe Young

Chuck Dingée

Michael Rocks

Jamie Slick

One pill makes you larger

One pill makes you small

Go ask Alice

Jefferson Walrus

Remember what the Doormouse said

Feed your head

Psychedelic Jamie

Right On!

Chuck plays conga

Chuck rockin

Joe Orbison

Walt Burkett

Carry On

Mighty Joe Young

Rich and Beth

Jamie and Walt

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Walrus plays Queen

Let me go!

Spit in the eye

California Dreamin

Chuck and Joe

Walrus Mamas & Papas

All Photos © Kathy Sheehan